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  1. Welcome Owen,


    The system clearly works like a charm, have fun exploring the all new TZIT



    1. owsleyiii


      Thanks Bob!  

      Very excited to get back on board with Trainz and TZIT!



      UP Diesel Meetup on Sherman Hill.jpg

    2. owsleyiii


      Title: UP Diesel Meetup on Sherman Hill

      An old one but a good one: this screenshot is from TZIT's Sherman Hill 2.1 (TS2 Mac) from January 2015

    3. owsleyiii


      I am very glad to be back at TZIT and hope to be more active in the future!

      I like the new digs here!  I like the new TZIT!  You all are the best Trainz community! :coppa:

      And I like your emojis/emoticons too! :vinco:

  2. I think I might raise the possibility for low impact scenery US Locos on the Auran forums. The wider audience might take an interest but the results would be as variable as all the other DLS items.
  3. You know me I have no talent, all I can do is raise the issue and let the cleaver people in TZIT come up with the answers, if there are any answers!
  4. I have been trying to test Traffic density that works in TRS19 and I have found that if I have 6 locomotives in the range of being rendered the frame rate drops noticeably. Rolling stock is much harder to assess. If I have loaded open hoppers I get the FR drop at about 290 wagons. Empty open Hoppers it is about 320 wagons. for invisible loads it is about 300 to 320 wagons with and without loads. I have had a look at all the freeware locomotives we used in the T:ANE sessions and the skins are not up to the standards I would like for TRS19. The engine specifications are very poor and very variable. The rendering of the Locomotives spoils their appearance for me but the engine specs can be fixed for most of the locomotives. That is easy because Jointed Rail have a freeware dependency cdp of all their Locomotive engine specs and by changing the default engine spec for the latest JR spec and the performance is improved to very close to the real world performance. If we want to make sessions for TRS19 with a lot of traffic in Yards what we need are talented asset builders to make lots of scenery locomotives which can be placed on the tracks to look like actual locomotives but which do not hit the frame rates to the same extent.
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