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  1. You should post the full specification for this PC on the Trainz forum with the Warning "Abandon Hope All Those Who Enter Here." That only seems fair.
  2. I am amazed that this machine that only understands 1 and 0 can so quickly get them confused and stop working. For many years I built my own PCs from the parts I though would run Trainz and Run 8 well. I must have made at least Five over many years so I could keep up with the advances in the simulators. After my stroke I could not get the energy or patients to research and build another PC so I invested about 350Euros more than I could build a PC for in a Corsair i200 special Edition. When I built my own specification machines I always had the problem of updating Windows and all the driver to the latest versions before I could use them. The i220 was as simple as switch on and allow windows to install and start automatically. then I was free to install Trainz and mess with any driver I wanted to update but from a working start. I have now been running the i22 since end of 2020 and it has never missed a beat. I do think that a commercial machine with a proven track record (no pun intended) was the best option for me as an old timer. As an appendix I should say I have always been an Intel and Nvidia user and even selected the same platform for the i200 PC and I have never had any failures over all those year like the ones Carlo is getting.
  3. What a distraction, how do you know what is happening on the PC display with all that psychedelic light display in front of you. I also notice that all the examples you guys show require you to exercise your mouse hand. For years now I have been so lazy I have used a roller ball device so I only have to exercise my thumb and the keyboard (a Logitech MX Keys) lets me turn off all the illuminated keys so I can see what the trains are doing without the Disco effect. Clearly I am completely behind all you up to date Wizards of Trainz but as a mere man I can only cope with one thing at a time. Maybe I should paly my iTunes and sync the keyboard lights to the music then switch the monitor off
  4. Good News, Now you can start planning how to make your TRS19 sessions compatible with TRS22. N3V have played some tricks with their kuid-3 and kuid-25 files. This was of course done to add to your fun and enjoyment when transferring your routes and sessions into TRS22.
  5. Hi All, I can confirm that I have all of the sessions running in TRS19 and 22 with all the messages displaying correctly at a resolution of 1080p, 1920 - 1080. The Heavy Metal Session I have is modified by Ettore so I cannot confirm if the HTML messages in the original display correctly. From memory the update by Ettore was done in TRS19 so could have some hidden fixes that I am not aware of. Merry Christmas
  6. Hello I am retired as well but N3V make Trainz a full time Job, just keeping the sim working is harder than any job I ever had so I wish you every success with your new Trainz adventure.
  7. Hi Are the missing dependencies available from the DLS?
  8. I did have a problem when I did the first of the two route updates. There was more than 1000 missing dependencies when the update finished. I ran a DBR and that did nothing so I ran an EDBR and that did nothing so I did another DBR and that fixed all the missing dependencies. When I did the second route update, the West from Denver route I had missing dependencies but they were all containers. which said they were available on the DLS. I downloaded them and all was well. There is a problem with the download manager in Trainz, it is the same in TRS19 and TRS22. I have sent in a bug report and Zec of N3V has confirmed that what I showed them with an image of the error should not happen.
  9. There was an issue with consists derailing in TRS19 and N3V fixed it with an update. That was happening on several routes so I do not think they edited the routes I think it was in the basic game engine. I cannot remember the build number that produced the fix but I have updated to every build up to the latest and I have not seen the problem in any of the newer releases.
  10. I have downloaded the latest update to the West from Denver route, it is :14 and I have done one short test. I am pleased to say that after I told them why there was no road traffic they have replaced their traffic free eco friendly region with the Original region made by Jango and yes we have cars running on the roads. I also noticed that the signal sequencing in Denver North Yard was working as it did in the Beta so I think that N3V have repaired the signals that they broke when they made the early release of TRS22. I think at last after only 6 months N3V have returned the route back to as it was when it was first sent to them.
  11. The Sessions for West from Denver N3V version are also ready for release now the official release of TRS22 has been made. My retail version is the same as the release candidate and the sessions all work so we can publish on TZIT whenever you gentlemen wish.
  12. The N3V servers have been broken over the weekend so there was do downloading possible. They seem to be working again today but I cannot confirm if the Plus server is fixed because I am not a subscriber.
  13. Over the weekend I investigated the reason why West from Denver had no traffic because I knew Jango had used a region with his own kuid number with cars in it. I was not surprised to find that N3V had replaced it with their new Environmentally friendly region so I posted on their forum making this clear and suggesting if they really intended to make the change then they should have added cars into the route to fix the problem. N3V have actually replied to my message saying that the change was inadvertent and they would consider replacing the original region at the next package update. Jango did say he had reported the "no cars" to N3V when TRS22 was released in December so it seems to me that the thinking time required by the average Ozzie is around 6 months and at that thought processing speed I will not live long enough to see the simple fixes to this great route fixed. Bob
  14. We have a "Release Candidate" again. The new build for both PC and MAC has been release overnight. and Mr.H is getting his systems ready for the "Release" of TRS22. I wonder if the new environmentally friendly grass covered region will still be a feature of the release.
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