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  1. Donnner Pass for TRS19 is under development, you have the only released version. That is the TS12 version. Bob
  2. In TRS19 SP2 the Un-Portals install with all the cars that are installed in the local DB. I added the UP844 and FEF after I checked the Un-Portal, and they were added into the consists correctly without the ‘consists’ being available so the behaviour in respect of Un-Portal is different. What I have found is that if there are any track variations between the TRS12 and TRS19 route then the Un-Portals become unstable showing zero trains at each portal location. The only way I have found to fix this is to correctly reposition all the portal TM including drive via and drive to TM and
  3. Thank You, The Un-Portal is working, it is emitting the CLass 1 Steam trains OK so I will need to check where these are hidden to make sure they work.
  4. I have been trying to update all the SH2.1a sessions for TRS19 and I have been successful with all except Monolith Cement I have 4 missing dependencies That I do not have any back up for in my archive. The missing dependencies are: - <kuid:69593:101092> <kuid:69593:101091> <kuid:69593:101093> <kuid:69593:101118> I will upload all for UP844 when complete because both SH2.1a and SH3.1 install in TRS19 SP3 beta no problem.
  5. In TRS19 Platinum is <kuid2:60850:99999:1> spark built-in None of the others show up on DLS or in TRS19 including The recent TZIT USA Routes. There is a website where you can search the web for Trainz assets but I don't have it installed any more but someone might know what it is.
  6. Chris,


    Please check your private messages on the Auran forum as there is a request to redskin some of the RP locomotives and I have forwarded that to you as the Head Honcho for the RP assets, I have cleared up who should be asked for permission and given credit if you agree to the request.




    1. Chris Gerlach

      Chris Gerlach

      hi bob

      sorry for delay my new leg broke two eeks ago and i had to be in hospital untli yeasterday, all fixed but will be a slwo recovery again i am home


      i will check on messages thanks for heads up i had no computer and no access


      i hope to have help from you fixing a few things on the sesisons i made for the rollins when you ahve time. i did my best but it was a steep learning curve to learn to do them.


      hope you are doing ok i am so soarry for the loss big hug




      the Rollins will be set up at the Moffat Museum soon, very exciting will work with them to help set it up for them ..it is a good museum and they even have the actual original stem shovel and crane!!!!!



    2. DennR


      Hi Chris,


      I am so sorry to hear you have had more problems with your leg and I am pleased you have got home again.  I hope you can regain your mobility as soon as possible.


      I am sorry to say I fear I will be of little help with the sessions, I have no attention span for anything that requires concentration.  I am still not able to get enough sleep and whenever I try to do anything I wind up staring into space and thinking of Betty.  I was told that the grieving process could take a year but I am finding over a year on it is no easier now that it was when I lost her.


      It is good to know that RP will be set up at the Museum it sound terrific and in more normal times I would like to see it for myself.  Good luck with the set up.


      Very Best Wishes my friend,




    3. Chris Gerlach

      Chris Gerlach

      Hi Bob

      i am so sorry your grief is what it is, tho i can understand. I use sleeping medications and they do help....at times i have the same issue happened 2 nights ago, ...i feel for you deeply and have worried to be honest thiinking of what it might be for you from what you shared.


      you have my sympathies and love.


      I had to delay my help getting them set up for not only did that happen with my leg but my older brother died alone in his condo with no on there and was not found for up to a week, in San Diego. So i have had to help with that from a distance, and hlelp his sons make the funeral arrangments, etc.   what a year.


      i will go look for that loco in fo tomorrow


      thanks for sorting thru it so far.


      big hug


  7. Welcome Owen,


    The system clearly works like a charm, have fun exploring the all new TZIT



    1. owsleyiii


      Thanks Bob!  

      Very excited to get back on board with Trainz and TZIT!



      UP Diesel Meetup on Sherman Hill.jpg

    2. owsleyiii


      Title: UP Diesel Meetup on Sherman Hill

      An old one but a good one: this screenshot is from TZIT's Sherman Hill 2.1 (TS2 Mac) from January 2015

    3. owsleyiii


      I am very glad to be back at TZIT and hope to be more active in the future!

      I like the new digs here!  I like the new TZIT!  You all are the best Trainz community! :coppa:

      And I like your emojis/emoticons too! :vinco:

  8. I think I might raise the possibility for low impact scenery US Locos on the Auran forums. The wider audience might take an interest but the results would be as variable as all the other DLS items.
  9. You know me I have no talent, all I can do is raise the issue and let the cleaver people in TZIT come up with the answers, if there are any answers!
  10. I have been trying to test Traffic density that works in TRS19 and I have found that if I have 6 locomotives in the range of being rendered the frame rate drops noticeably. Rolling stock is much harder to assess. If I have loaded open hoppers I get the FR drop at about 290 wagons. Empty open Hoppers it is about 320 wagons. for invisible loads it is about 300 to 320 wagons with and without loads. I have had a look at all the freeware locomotives we used in the T:ANE sessions and the skins are not up to the standards I would like for TRS19. The engine specifications are very
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