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  1. Hello I am retired as well but N3V make Trainz a full time Job, just keeping the sim working is harder than any job I ever had so I wish you every success with your new Trainz adventure.
  2. Hi Are the missing dependencies available from the DLS?
  3. I did have a problem when I did the first of the two route updates. There was more than 1000 missing dependencies when the update finished. I ran a DBR and that did nothing so I ran an EDBR and that did nothing so I did another DBR and that fixed all the missing dependencies. When I did the second route update, the West from Denver route I had missing dependencies but they were all containers. which said they were available on the DLS. I downloaded them and all was well. There is a problem with the download manager in Trainz, it is the same in TRS19 and TRS22. I have sent in a bug report and Zec of N3V has confirmed that what I showed them with an image of the error should not happen.
  4. There was an issue with consists derailing in TRS19 and N3V fixed it with an update. That was happening on several routes so I do not think they edited the routes I think it was in the basic game engine. I cannot remember the build number that produced the fix but I have updated to every build up to the latest and I have not seen the problem in any of the newer releases.
  5. I have downloaded the latest update to the West from Denver route, it is :14 and I have done one short test. I am pleased to say that after I told them why there was no road traffic they have replaced their traffic free eco friendly region with the Original region made by Jango and yes we have cars running on the roads. I also noticed that the signal sequencing in Denver North Yard was working as it did in the Beta so I think that N3V have repaired the signals that they broke when they made the early release of TRS22. I think at last after only 6 months N3V have returned the route back to as it was when it was first sent to them.
  6. The Sessions for West from Denver N3V version are also ready for release now the official release of TRS22 has been made. My retail version is the same as the release candidate and the sessions all work so we can publish on TZIT whenever you gentlemen wish.
  7. The N3V servers have been broken over the weekend so there was do downloading possible. They seem to be working again today but I cannot confirm if the Plus server is fixed because I am not a subscriber.
  8. Over the weekend I investigated the reason why West from Denver had no traffic because I knew Jango had used a region with his own kuid number with cars in it. I was not surprised to find that N3V had replaced it with their new Environmentally friendly region so I posted on their forum making this clear and suggesting if they really intended to make the change then they should have added cars into the route to fix the problem. N3V have actually replied to my message saying that the change was inadvertent and they would consider replacing the original region at the next package update. Jango did say he had reported the "no cars" to N3V when TRS22 was released in December so it seems to me that the thinking time required by the average Ozzie is around 6 months and at that thought processing speed I will not live long enough to see the simple fixes to this great route fixed. Bob
  9. We have a "Release Candidate" again. The new build for both PC and MAC has been release overnight. and Mr.H is getting his systems ready for the "Release" of TRS22. I wonder if the new environmentally friendly grass covered region will still be a feature of the release.
  10. @pegaso52 You don't need to provide translations I am using Windows 11 with the default browser and it automatically translates Italian into almost English for me. Years ago Ettore asked me not to use Google translate to change my messages to Italian because it made them unreadable so I stay with the only language I know. I really enjoyed my visits to Rome.
  11. I listed the dependencies for Sebino Lake and then checked the Dependants of all the dependencies and this is the list of Packaged Payware Routes that appeared: - <kuid2:122860:100436:27> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC <kuid2:1854:1:12> Healesville - 1913-1920 <kuid2:69871:3529:1> TRS19 - The Innter Kohn Necktion NG Railroad - Model Trainz Layout <kuid2:515942:100169:21> Cornish Mainline and Branches - TRS19 <kuid2:154322:100063:19> ECML EDINBURGH - DUNDEE <kuid2:69871:3499:1> TRS19 - The Innter Kohn Necktion Railroad - Model Trainz Layout <kuid2:154322:101483:23> ECML Kings Cross - Edinburgh <kuid2:523:19723122:18> Kickstarter County <kuid2:605579:100396:15> Midwestern Branch - TRS19 <kuid2:82412:104611:9> Milwaukee Road Avery-Drexel <kuid2:620415:101000:15> Niddertalbahn - TRS19 <kuid2:82412:104711:7> Season Town Northern RR <kuid2:169264:100532:15> Warwick - Wallangarra I am sure that many of them simply share assets but it looks like you do need to install several GB of unwanted routes to get Sebino fully installed.
  12. TRS22 is still under development. The cab fault I reported a week ago has been acknowledged by N3V who have managed to reproduce the "bug" and they are "looking in to it". The lack of carz on the roads that is regularly reported on the forum is a new feature. N3V have decided to go green and improve the environment. The fix they have made is to release a new default region that bans cars and replaces them with PBR grass. We should congratulate N3V for there planet saving effort.
  13. No, kangaroo logic. Everything is upside down. Try a DBR it might be that the kangaroo checking the assets missed one.
  14. No problem, I believe it is easy to replace a hdd with an ssd. I have done it in my PC and alco replaced the hdd in my laptop but that was a little tricky because it was the OS drive.
  15. Hi This is what you see in my N3V folder on C drive
  16. The :127 usually indicates that Trainz does not correctly identify the asset and that seems to be the case because the asset has never been updated to kuid2:. The asset is <kuid:334896:24804> Relay Box 1 and the only way I know to correct this problem is from content manager to open the config file in notepad. Search for the 24804:127 and in the line where it is displayed to enter the correct kuid version number <kuid:334896:24804> in place of the spurious one. then save the config file and submit the edited file in content manager.
  17. Hi The folder in the users directory must have your Database folder in it. So that my C drive is not overloaded I move the database folder to the D drive as you see here it is the DB TRS22 folder. The only file I have in the C> user>AppData>Local>NV3GAMES>TRS22, is the "userdata-redirect-map.txt" and it shows you the path to both the Program folder and the database folder on the D drive. The size of your folder suggests either a very big database or more than one database. If you have more than one database you must check which one has all your content in it and which are new clean databases created when you reinstall the program. I always delete the new clean databases and point the "userdata-redirect-map.txt" to where I put the Main database with all my stuff in it.
  18. Pegasus My D drive is an ssd with MS flight sim on it as well as Run 8 Version 2 and Version 3 as separate installations but it is 4TB with 2.44 TB free space. My TRS22 program folder is 21.6GB and the database folder is 180GB
  19. Hi. I have TRS22, TRS19, TANE and TRS12 all installed on my D drive but I also have the Database folders on the D drive. Example Trs22 Here is the Redirect file hidden in the user directory on C drive userdata-redirect-map.txt Regards,
  20. Now that I have run out of things to do on the Rollins Pass update I have turned my attention to broken things in TRS22 and one that has been present throughout the life of TRS19 and is even worse in TRS22 is the type t1 cab mechanism in the JR payware Dash 8 models. In TRS12 and TANE the displays are perfect but in TRS19 and 22 they are broken to different degrees. N3V has made the cab mech built in in both TRS19 and 22 so you cannot delete it and revert to an earlier version. The problem got under my skin today and I modified the TRS12 version so it would obsolete built in versions and all the faults were fixed. The forum has been where I posted the issue and a new bug report was sent. N3V have not replied but Justin Conrail of Jointed Rail has posted asking for more details so I have let him have it as well. That is because I had already reported the problem to the JR help desk as well as N3V with no useful support. I wonder if they can come up with a solution between them, It took me all of one hour to solve it
  21. Have installed the 640 005 and the 440 143 in my TRS19 build 117009 and I can get the cab views and external views OK and in realistic mode I can drive both work in both forward and reverse.
  22. Today I found that many of the routes in TRS22 have been updated and to my surprise WfD is one of them and it is now :12 The route has been fixed so even though Mr.H might not want to have discussion with me he must have seen the shameful mess because it is now fixed. and I will get the lumber yard session ready for release in TRS22.
  23. There are some locomotives that have the brakes locked on when a session starts. Usually with maximum pressure of 214psi showing. To release them you must BAIL the brakes and that is done with the 'D' key or the number pad '0' key. Those are the default keys in the controls so if you have changed them then you will have to use your assigned keys. N3V admitted this is a bug when TRS19 was in Beta but have never fixed it. Checking to see if this is your problem.
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