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Annunciato Trainz Simulator 2022

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Rilasciate per il trs 22 2 aggiornamenti uno tutto ok il secondo ha seri problemi di download, essendo comunque delle beta attendo il rilascio derfinitivo e al limite disistalliamo e reinstalliamo tanto ci siamo abituati.

Se qualcuno degli amministratori volesse creare il club trs2022 ne sarei grato, grazie!


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have found a couple of small issues with build 117300 but they have not broken or lost anything so far. While I was adding the Rollins assets to a small data base with only built in routes. Kickstarter and Samples. I had a lot of obsolete assets for the rollins stuff and an EDBR could not complete if hung part way through and I had to force close the TRS22 to kill it. I restarted TRS22 and deleted the obsolete assets and the EDBR worked OK.
The other thing I have noticed is the splash sceen opens on the last one that was up then a large black area is created on screen while the new splash screen opens. I think this happened in one of the very early Beta release and it seems to be back again.

Apart from those things it has worked OK for me.


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7 ore fa, pegaso52 ha scritto:

Se qualcuno degli amministratori volesse creare il club trs2022 ne sarei grato, grazie!


Ne vale la pena? Ci sono sufficienti novità significative (a parte il nuovo Surveyor, che comunque mi è parso di capire non faccia parte della dotazione standard)?

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As an outcast who Mr.H thinks should subscribe to his pension fund I simply bought the pre release of 22 so I gobble around in the dirt with the turkeys with no free access to the DLC and no surveyor 2 while those who subscribe soar with the eagles or in the case of Mr.H the vultures. To date there is no DLC I want and having no idea what I would do with surveyor 2 I have not missed it either.


Bob from the bottom of the Trainz heap.

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2 ore fa, UP844 ha scritto:

Ne vale la pena?

Un club apposta per il 2022, non direi proprio che valga la pena.

Si può rinominare questo 2019-2022 e, se il numero di discussioni sarà tale da giustificarlo, si potrà creare un sottoforum specifico Laboratorio 2022, ma per un club apposito per il 2022 direi che al momento non ha senso farlo.

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Yes I got the prompt to update this morning so I did and checked my pet hate of the moment. That is the broken lumber storage tracks up at Rocky and this latest update still has not fixed them. PC_Ace actually asked what should be there so I did post the images of before N3V and after N3V for people on the Auran forum to see.


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This morning I posted the before and after pictures and now I cannot add pictures to my posts. I noticed someone had posted a simple comment and my post was no longer up front. I made some screenshots of the session using the lumber yard and when I tried to attach them they would not attach in my posts and I varied the size, I made jpg and png versions and all were rejected so it looks like Mr.H has been on line and decided he does not like my pictures or my comments. Trainz forum is now restricting what I can post. I must have hit a nerve somewhere in the wonderful land of Ozz.:ihih:








Those were all I wanted to post but clearly they are not welcome on the Big Island




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Hi Bob,


where did you post the images of the improvement(*)? I am unable to find them :bho: 


(*) Given the upside down nature of our Ozzy friends, who have Christmas in summer and winter in August (not to mention the effect of living in a land where kangaroos roam freely), perhaps we should pressure Mr. H to make third party content worse... :rotfl:.


P.S. Of course, my account is at your disposal - at least once, until Mr. H censorship strikes again - to post some extra screens (I only have to recover the credentials for tinypic or some other image hosting service)



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2 minuti fa, pegaso52 ha scritto:

Probably they have put in place the limitation of posts like in facebook where you can not speak badly of the Ukrainians because they have decided who is the good and the bad, warmongers of the cabbage.




Regolamento, punto 5:


Non sono ammessi messaggi contenenti materiale inappropriato, né discussioni di natura politica o religiosa.


Messages containing inappropriate material or discussions of a political or religious nature are not allowed.





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I think I have found the post where you attached the images, but now only the captions remain. In my opinion, we should submit the issue to Jango as soon as he recovers from his eye surgery: he is the route author and is on good terms with Mr. H, so I hope he can have the route restored.


In the meantime, you can innocently :mrgreen: report in that same thread that - for some unknown glitch - you are now unable to post pictures? Or, if you prefer, I can innocently ask about the apparently missing pictures... :mrgreen:.



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I do still see the pictures from yesterday morning when I open the page but there is a short delay before they appear.


I could have submitted a bug report about this issue but I object to having to do that when I believe they already know they have wrecked that part of the route. I also believe that if they have lost the original route all they had to do to get it was PM Jango or because I have made a fuss about it they could have PM me for a copy. If they still have it and have had ten reissues of the route in the 4 months since the early release why have they not repaired it:bho:


I go back to TRs10 and 12 where the Mojave route worked and then in TANE the crossing barriers stopped working and and TRS19 the tunnels had problems and both those bugs are still there in TRS22. N3V still offer the route as payware in their store! There have been bug reports from me and others about those things not to mention that they claimed ownership of a JR locomotive in TRS19 and it is still payware in TRS22 but the cab has issues with the layers in the speedometer and the length counter display but that bug has persisted through all releases of TRS19. In TRS22 is is different but still faulty.:testa:


The list goes on but they seem to want to ignore such things and I suppose as long as they maintain their sales targets they do not care.🇦🇺$$$


So I guess I should ask myself the question "do I care enough to keep trying to help them improve of should I accept N3V and Trainz for what is including the unresolved backlog of what they call bugs but to an old cynic like me look like faults.:pensieroso:



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Tony_Hilliam è offlineTRS19 - guarda Trainz sotto una luce completamente nuova!

PredefinitoTrainz Plus Beta 117464 ora disponibile

Trainz Plus Beta 117424 a Trainz Plus Beta 117464 è disponibile sul flusso Trainz Plus Beta.

Ancora una volta, le modifiche riguardano principalmente MPS.

Alcune domande per chi legge questo post:

1. Hai controllato MPS di recente? (E se no, qual è stata la cosa principale che ti ha fermato?)
2. Qual è stata la tua impressione generale?
3. Cosa dobbiamo fare per convincere più persone a partecipare al test MPS?

Se vieni a trovarci, al momento ci concentriamo principalmente sul percorso denominato "KSC2 - Full Edition 1".



Rilasciata una nuova beta. Segnalo perché alla richiesta di Tony sull' interesse nei confronti di MPS La risposta sul forum è stata vicina allo Zero.

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Cos'è MPS? Il Multiplayer Surveyor?


1 ora fa, gigi-mmo ha scritto:

Segnalo perché alla richiesta di Tony sull' interesse nei confronti di MPS La risposta sul forum è stata vicina allo Zero.


Un po' come le sue risposte a chi segnala bachi...:rotfl:

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There is one comment in that thread that I notice has been completely ignored by the great and good Mr.H and that was that more effort should be made to improve the game engine.

27 minutes ago, UP844 said:

A bit like his answers to those who report bugs

How can he possibly be answering those who report bugs when he is monitoring nothing happening on his MPS server!:classic_sad:

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I expected a big announcement from Mr.H today about the TRS22 official release. All I can find from him on the forum is chatter about how lonely he is on his MPS server.



Found it, very near the bottom of the TRS22 sales page in the FAQ section is this statement:-


  • Pre-orders will continue right up to the official release, which is currently expected May, 2022. Up until that point you will be able to download and use the TRS22 Early Access version of TRS22.
Edited by DennR
Found Update
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1 ora fa, DennR ha scritto:

I preordini continueranno fino al rilascio ufficiale, attualmente previsto per maggio 2022. Fino a quel momento potrai scaricare e utilizzare la versione TRS22 Early Access di TRS22.


Venerdì è giorno di mail. Vediamo cosa si inventeranno per giustificare l'ennesimo rinvio

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TRS22 - Aggiornamento della versione ufficialeIl team è impegnato a dare gli ultimi ritocchi alla versione ufficiale di TRS22. Vogliamo assicurarci che la prima esperienza della nuova funzione Multiplayer Surveyor sia buona per tutti, quindi impiegheremo un po' più di tempo per riordinare i sistemi rimanenti prima del rilascio su Steam, Mac App Store e Trainz Store. Nel frattempo, il nostro gruppo principale di tester ha giocato e apprezzato MPS per molte ore (e si è divertito moltissimo nella nostra chat di Discord). Un ringraziamento speciale a tutti voi. I tuoi sforzi sono di grande aiuto per garantire che i nostri sistemi siano pronti per l'utilizzo nel "mondo reale". La prossima settimana eseguiremo un ultimo "MPS Stress Test" e c'è ancora spazio per più persone che si uniscano a noi. Si prega di compilare questo modulo online per avere la possibilità di partecipare (richiede un'iscrizione alla Newsletter Trainz attiva).



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