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  1. Also i forgot to mention This: Do i have to be a Gold Member? If so how do i get it? Inoltre ho dimenticato di menzionare questo: devo essere un membro Gold? In tal caso, come posso ottenerlo?
  2. Alright thanks for informing me, looking forward to it. Im still new to Trainzitalia Pro and im a noob at this Chat feature Va bene grazie per avermi informato. Sono ancora nuovo su Trainzitalia Pro e sono un noob in questa funzione di chat
  3. Also one thing to Jazz up this train is that i put a TGV Enginesound into this train. Heres where i got it https://letrainfrancais.jimdofree.com/
  4. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that you can Share your projects related to the topic.
  5. Welcome screenshot thread to post some High speed trains! Feel Free to chat and post pictures of your trains. Like for example FS ETR TGV ICE Renfe AVE Shinkansen Many more! ICE 721 From Munich on its way to Augsburg.
  6. Hi are there any other ETRs Coming or are already here like the Italo? Ci sono altri ETR in arrivo o sono già qui come l'Italo?
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