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  1. Trainz.de needs to stop banning me!


    Everytime i make an account on Trainz.de, but the administrator bans me from bullying. I didn't do anything wrong! And then i make a new account, and they ban me too. Last, i made my other account RioGrande493 and they banned it too! This needs to be stopped now!





  2. The Great Frozen Lake route released on my Trainz website. https://nileadam.wixsite.com/nileadamtrainz/routes



  3. Here is the screenshot of the Kumbak and New Caribbean Islands Railway 99.
  4. These are my Trainz screenshots of trains and locomotives from the fictional country Sandvia. Here is my first post.
  5. How can i upload files? Please help me!

  6. the_mikados_of_the_kncir_by_nileadamsmil


    K&NCIR Mikados Pack (Freeware)

    (Requires Dependencies from Prowler and Bdaneal)

    K&NCIR Mikado Pack.cdp

  7. what happened to the Rollins pass engines and rolling stock

    1. NileAdam


      I don't know, maybe some other issues or nothing.

  8. Happy New Year!

  9. Welcome to my new account of TrainzItalia!

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