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  1. Hi Jango i was wondering about Donner Pass the whole route being emailed or sent to me (with routes, sessions, building,s splines & rolling stock etc) since it is only payware and i have to be a gold member


    you can reach me at matthewrayogburn@gmail.com


    PS i'm not a content creator or member or trainzitalina but just a railfan and i'm enjoying the freeware stuff on trainzitaliana


    thanks - Matthew😀

    1. jango


      Hi Matthew,

      You can buy the route, considering that it works perfectly in TS12. In TANE and TRS19 shows some errors in scenery objects such as snowsheds, some tunnel fronts, some houses and industrial buildings.

      These objects, other authors, will be from me completely redone in 3D.

      The route in TANE, except for the aforementioned shortcomings, is playable.

      Sessions can have problems.


      I can not be precise about the update in TRS19.
      Consider that before the Donner update, I have to publish the West from Denver (Moffat Line) version TRS2019.

      In any case, I also attach the conditions for the purchase of the Donner TS12.

      The route is and will remain for a fee.

      As I said, the site of Trainzitalia is no longer eligible for sale.

      I can provide the personal link for download:

      1. Donner Pass v.1.2 route.

      2. Exclusive items for Donner.................. 2 Gb
      3. Donner Pass winter (you must have Donner Pass v.1.2)

      4. Exclusive items for Donner Winter................................... 370 Mb
      5. 2 sessions for Donner 1.2
      6. 2 sessions for Donner winter.

      Price 45 $.
      Payment via PayPal.

      Obviously with all my personal assistance and collaboration in case of missing kuids.
      I remind you that Donner and sessions works perfectly in TS12, in T: ANE some objects are defective and need an update but can be installed.

      Both require objects in DLS.

      Let me know what you think.

      If you are interested, send me your confirmation, I will send you the my link for PayPal payment.
      After confirming your payment via PayPal, the link to download the files will be sent to your private email address.


      Thanks for your interest
      Gianfranco aka Jango

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