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  1. Somewhat belatedly, accurate DNWP mallets (used on Rollins Pass) have now been released! (Not the stand-ins in the Rollins Pass package that look nothing like the real ones.) Pics: The new mallets are drawn from original plans, and come lettered for both the DNWP and D&SL. They feature an optimized 09+ steam enginespec (so driveable in realistic mode), that doesn't result in the safety valves constantly going off, seasonal cab mesh (visible in the last picture), smoke hood that's removable in surveyor, and the same selectable anim
  2. Minor correction - compatible specifically with, tested for, and enginespec modified for TANE, probably works perfectly in trs2012, actually doesn't work in trs2009, despite the trainz-build, and I'd be surprised if it worked in trs2019.
  3. Good news! I just found it (the huge boy) in a very old backup on an external hard drive. But it seems I haven't checked this thread recently. Oh well. Never mind. (Honestly, I'm not sure I ever installed it.)
  4. Simply put, I'm wondering how you go about obtaining a copy of the Donner Pass route. (TRS2012 version currently as far as I'm aware.) I can't seem to find a place to download it anywhere. Thanks.
  5. I 'might' actually have the original as-downloaded .cdp for them sitting around on any one of about a half dozen external hard drives I have sitting around. Or not. I really don't know for sure either way, or if I could share it if I do find it. I'd be rather useful to know the answer to the second question first. : )
  6. Pretty much as the title says, I'm wondering how you go about uploading new content to the downloads section. I have some stuff I've finished, but I can't seem to find any option to upload it. Thanks.
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