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  1. Many years ago I became a Gold Member at TrainzItalia, at that time the Huge Boys were offered along with a few other American locomotives. #8003 came in huge_boy_8003.zip dated 4/19/2013 and contained Huge_Boy_8003.cdp dated 1/14/2008#8000 is contained in UP8000_Huge_Boy_v2.cdp dated 9/30/2007 I am not authorized to distribute these assets and your best bet would be to take up UP844 on his very generous offer.
  2. In TANESP3 In TRS19SP1 UP #8000 and #8003. Since I only drive in DCC it drives well.
  3. <kuid: 195851: 100457> found at https://www.railwayworker.de/frstr-de.html under "Freizeitpark" in "ext. Content" ext_freizeit.cdp 108 MB Thanks so much for the amazing route!
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