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Novità: Pack CD D752-753 Free TB3-3

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Pack CD D752-753 Free TB3-3

Pack di quattro locomotive Diesel-elettriche "Occhialute" delle ferrovie ceche CD (Ceské Dráhy)


3D: Stary
Repaint: XSIV
Betatesting: Gigi-mmo (TRS19 Mac), UP844 (TS2010, TS12), XSIV (TRS19 PC)


Compatibili con TS2010, TS12, Trainz Mac 1 e 2, T:ANE PC e Mac, TRS19 PC e Mac

  • luci di coda reversibili con LLCR


Il CDP contiene:


keyword: "tzit-free;diesel;occhialute"


CD 752-001-8,<kuid2:135722:120:2>
CD 753-197-3 Sauer,<kuid2:135722:122:2>
CD 753-716-0 Unipetrol Doprava,<kuid2:135722:121:2>
CD 754-076-8,<kuid2:135722:123:2>


keyword: "tzit-free"


Cabina 2 - 120 - 16 tacche,<kuid2:69593:102176:1>
Carrello DE.520 FNM,<kuid2:135722:50000:1>
Carrello DE.520 FNM sporco,<kuid2:135722:50001:1>
Corona nulla,<kuid2:69593:15001:2>
Corona rossa,<kuid2:69593:15002:2>
Fischio FNM DE520,<kuid2:135722:54520:1>
Motore D.752 - 1215 kW - TB3.3,<kuid2:69593:517521:1>
Motore D.753 CAT 1450 kW - TB3.3,<kuid2:69593:517531:2>


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