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Novità: Pack UP 3900 Challenger-2 TB3-3

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Pack UP 3900 Challenger-2 TB3-3

3D: Rudolf
Paint : various artists - TrainZItalia Staff.

Updated to, and tested in, TS2010/TS12+SP1+HF4/Trainz for Mac 2.

Betatester: gigi-mmo

Special thanks to daylightrain, nimec and Kennilworth for their valuable advice about bogey animation and enginesounds


Aggiornate e collaudate in TS2010/TS12+SP1+HF4/Trainz for Mac 2.

Betatester: gigi-mmo

Un ringraziamento particolare a daylightrain, nimec e Kennilworth per i loro preziosi consigli sull'animazione dei carrelli e sui suoni del motore.


The CDP file includes:

Il file CDP comprende:

UP 3975 bogey2 TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50398>
UP 3975 bogey3 TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50399>
UP 3979 bogey2 TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50403>
UP 3979 bogey3 TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50404>
UP 3979 tender bogey TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50405>
UP 3979 tender centipede TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50406>
UP 3988 bogey1 TB3.3,<kuid:146153:398815>
UP 3988 Challenger TB3.3,<kuid:146153:3988>
UP 3988 Tender TB3.3,<kuid:146153:39881>
UP 3989 bogey1 TB3.3,<kuid:146153:398915>
UP 3989 Challenger TB3.3,<kuid:146153:3989>
UP 3989 Tender TB3.3,<kuid:146153:39891>
UP 3995 bogey1 TB3.3,<kuid:146153:399515>
UP 3995 Challenger TB3.3,<kuid:146153:3995>
UP 3995 Tender TB3.3,<kuid:146153:39951>
UP 3997 bogey1 TB3.3,<kuid:69593:100888>
UP 3997 Challenger TB3.3,<kuid:146153:3997>
UP 3997 Tender TB3.3,<kuid:146153:39971>
UP 3999 bogey1 TB3.3,<kuid:146153:399915>
UP 3999 Challenger TB3.3,<kuid:146153:3999>
UP 3999 Tender TB3.3,<kuid:146153:39991>
UP3900 Challenger E-spec TB3.3,<kuid:69593:100860>
UP3900 Challenger Hornsound TB3.3,<kuid:67873:54999>
844 - 3975 tender bogey TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50847>
844 - 3975 tender centipede TB3.3,<kuid:67873:50848>

tzit-free : bogeys, engine sounds and engine specs / carrelli, suoni e motori
tzit-free; steam : locomotives and tenders / locomotive e tender

Dipendenza sulla DLS / DLS Dependence
Steam Soundz: Large American Articulated Locomotives - V2,<kuid:123250:1123>


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These locomotives might be able to run in TRS2006, as they have not yet been updated to TRS19 standards.


Try changing the value of the "trainz-build" tag from 3.3 to 2.6.



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