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Novità: UP FEF-3 #836 #844 Free TB3-3

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UP FEF-3 #836 #844 Free TB3-3

Union Pacific FEF-3 #836 & #844

Revised version, tested in (and compatible with) TS2010, TS12 (all builds), Trainz Mac 1 & 2, T:ANE CE and T:ANE CE Mac. Some revised smoke effects added.

3D: Rudolf
Textures: Jango
Hornsounds: Matteo97
Invaluable help: n8phu

Betatesting Supervisor: Zenzero
Betatesters: DennR (TS12, T:ANE CE), Gigi-mmo (Trainz Mac 2, T:ANE CE Mac) Pegaso52 (TS12, T:ANE CE)


Versione revisionata, collaudata e compatibile con TS2010, TS12 (tutte le versioni), Trainz Mac 1 & 2, T:ANE CE e T:ANE CE Mac. Aggiunti alcuni effetti di fumo revisionati.

Autore: Rudolf
Texture: Jango
Fischi: Matteo97
Aiuto inestimabile: n8phu

Supervisore al betatesting: Zenzero
Betatester: DennR (TS12, T:ANE CE), Gigi-mmo (Trainz Mac 2) Pegaso52 (TS12, T:ANE CE)


The CDP file includes:

Il file CDP contiene:

UP FEF-3 836,<kuid:67873:836>
UP FEF-3 836 Tender,<kuid:67873:837>
UP FEF-3 844,<kuid2:67873:844:1>
UP FEF-3 844 Tender,<kuid2:67873:8440:2>
UP FEF-3 bogey1,<kuid:67873:50844>
UP FEF-3 bogey2,<kuid:67873:50845>
UP FEF-3 bogey3,<kuid:67873:50846>
UP FEF-3 Enginespec TB3.3,<kuid:69593:51844>
UP FEF-3 836 hornsound,<kuid:549175:100049>
UP FEF-3 844 hornsound,<kuid:549175:100032>
844 - 3975 tender bogey,<kuid:67873:50847>
844 - 3975 tender centipede,<kuid:67873:50848>


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