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  1. Hello ettore48, thank you! Hello Cancio, no problem, I completely understand. Everyone deals with this differently, that's why I'm asking. Here is the list of kuids I use: <kuid2:57230:25021:3> Casa Iseo 2 <kuid2:57230:25213:3> Casa 3b lontana <kuid2:44779:25021:3> BD_Casa_011 <kuid2:44779:25005:3> BD_Casa_009 <kuid2:74906:23013:3> Casa Iseo 6 <kuid:69593:82021> BD_Casa004_repaint_1 <kuid2:44779:25006:3> BD_Casa_004 <kuid2:44779:25007:3> BD_Casa_005 <kuid2:57230:25211:3> Casa 1b lontana &l
  2. Hello! I am using some buildings on my route from the following packs: Pack Villette-1 Free TB3-7 1.0.0, Pack Caseggiati-1 Free TB3-7 1.0.0, Pack Edifici Rurali Free TB3-7 1.0.0, Pack Edifici Culto Storici Free TB3-7 1.0.0, Pack Caseggiati-2 Free TB3-7 1.0.0 Please can somebody tell me, is it ok for me to include them in a CDP for users of my route to download? I know they have to register here first to see the files so it may be a bit cumbersome... Thank you and good night, Jonathan Ciao a tutti! Sto usando alcuni edifici sul mi
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