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  1. Just finished, nine croatian Rils wagons
  2. Lokomotive was built between 1960 and 1969 by the Italian company Ansaldo for the needs of the then Yugoslavian railways. JŽ 362 Lokomotive series was developed on the basis of the Italian E646 series built by Ansaldo for the Italian railways, while the outer case of the chassis was taken over from the older E636 locomotive series. After changing the electric traction system to AC 25 kV 50 Hz in December 2012, all HZ 1061 locomotives were withdrawn from the active service. Since the end of January 2019, locomotives are being cut and transported into old iron. This is their story ...
  3. I'm crazy, really, instead of making two locomotives I did six two G2000BB swiss private railroad maintenance 'Sheuchzer' two G2000BB swiss 'Hupac' two G2000BB italian firm 'Del Fungo Giera' all 6 locomotive's
  4. Just finished but not tested (I have one more for reskin and after will be tested both) ... I-DFG G2000 52
  5. Two new TRAXX polish locomotives ... original (by hanys) my two reskins ***** ... and ... this was first time that I try something like this: very very heavy train and very hard for move
  6. Today I make one more croatian passenger car but this one have 10 coupe's like other reskins and this can open doors ... ... turn on ... and turn off lights inside in Surveyor
  7. Tonight I work on three HŽ passenger car with slide doors and this is result ... combined with 'normal' door wagons look very nice Of course, I must tested that
  8. ... five new Tagnpps wagons (with Varonesi sign)
  9. These locomotives have a big mistake, both have the wrong inner pantographs!
  10. ... pleasure ride in passenger car and locomotive
  11. ... and for today's end, italian MRCE Vectron 191 021
  12. New Railpool AC Vectron in Skandinaviska Jernbanor wit DB Laekks wagons
  13. This isn't my work (author of reskin was jeroen_bos, I downloaded this model from DLS) but look very good and powerful ...
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