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  1. Part of my Siemens Euro Runner's ... austrian Adria Transport austrian LTE greman PCT Altman austrian SETG
  2. ... and after few hours ... historic Bosphorus train ride ...
  3. work on new Siemens ... D-PCW 189 802
  4. My new reskin, DISPOLOK 189 922 aka HŽ 1241 004
  5. ... so it's easy to solve, do it alone reskin. You have this wagons on ptram Maybe little problem would be with DDm wagon because that wagon no longer exists for download
  6. portu, how weight is that mash in Mb?
  7. Well, look, and yes and no, depend how you look. I've been looking for that composition for years and no one wanted to give it. Now that I have everybody want and it does not work that way. But it's not all so black, wagon Dms exists on http://trainworks.eu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=47 (on bottom of page) and that not my reskin. If that will help you ...
  8. Danke ... nirgendwo, es ist eine Privatsammlung
  9. Historic DB Autozug with locomotive 189 920 '4 Länderlok' on agency train Hamburg Altona - Rijeka
  10. Someone lost one diesel TRAXX
  11. Two new Taurus locomotive ...
  12. ... last for some time, serbian Vectron
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