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  1. <kuid2:366515:200443:1> on DLS
  2. 3xRTC EU43, 2xFS E405, 3x FS E412 Spero che questo sia sufficiente per gestire il traffico.
  3. This RailJet is a paid model, author Zgred07 can be downloaded from the website: http://www.trainzmarket.com/
  4. Two tired E412 attracted containers on pocket wagons:
  5. Doppia trazione: E405 004 ed E412 013:
  6. E E405 ancora nei colori PKP
  7. Sto cercando questo: <kuid:376111:100222244>
  8. Ho fatto un muro di sostegno:
  9. Probably when I'm done. I've been sitting on it for almost a year. If I'm irritating, I'm doing RTC EU43. This is a Polish push-pull PESA Sundeck (Gama 111EB locomotive, 416B middle wagon and 316B steering wagon) carrier Koleje Mazowieckie. There is still a lot to do for me.
  10. Yes. Waiting for scripts for the booth. I would like it to be fully functional (plus extra wipers, pantographs with voltage selection, tractive force meter). While waiting for the script I do this:
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