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(In case you missed it), accurate DNWP mallets now released!

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Somewhat belatedly, accurate DNWP mallets (used on Rollins Pass) have now been released! (Not the stand-ins in the Rollins Pass package that look nothing like the real ones.) Pics:









The new mallets are drawn from original plans, and come lettered for both the DNWP and D&SL. They feature an optimized 09+ steam enginespec (so driveable in realistic mode),  that doesn't result in the safety valves constantly going off,  seasonal cab mesh (visible in the last picture), smoke hood that's removable in surveyor,  and the same selectable animated marker flags and lights as the existing 2-8-0's in the Rollins Pass package. Also included in an optimal groundplane simple shadow for use if game engine shadows are turned off, and unlettered textures for reskinners.Works perfectly in TANE; reported to work correctly in TRS2019, should work correctly in TRS2012, work in 09' if the seasonal stuff is removed.


Download page





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We are aware some US users have trouble downloading the large files of the Rollins Pass.


We attempted to minimise the number of separate files, but it looks like we went a bit too far. Since I am currently locked at home because of the coronavirus, I'll try to see if I manage to divide those files into more manageable chunks.

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