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Huge Boy?

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7 ore fa, TheCobraCommander5878 ha scritto:

Actually disregard that first sentence.  Actually I reckon you oughta contact the original creator of this brute.


... and that's me!


Plaese use Private Message to get in touch. Thanks


Best ALM  (my ID...)

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No more sharing via mp, please!

We're plannig to release an "as is" cdp, so please don't ask for a private sharing.


This thread is now blocked from replys, we'll look to publish those locos as soon as possible, please be a little patient, it will be soon avalaible.



Thanks 🙂


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Ok guys, I've both the CDPs of Big Boy and Huge Boy.

As soon as possible I'll make them available through our download area.

The CDPs will be provided "as-is", the items haven't yet been updated to actual Trainz versions standard.

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