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Novità: Rollins Pass 1910

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The Rollins Pass 1910 route has finally been released!


Jango's masterpiece depiction of this legendary route has been further upgraded by Chris Gerlach and others with hundreds of new custom assets, painstakingly researched using countless sources about the line and the surrounding environment.


The whole roster of the DNW & P has been modeled: dozens of locomotives, from the mighty 2-6-6-2s to the lowliest switcher, plus the whole passenger and freight fleet as well as many MoW vehicles.


Test your driving ability climbing the steep grades leading to the Pass and keeping the the train under control as you travel downhill in 13 custom sessions by DennR


You can download the route files HERE


A number of users had issues downloading the largest (#2 and #3) packs using Chrome or Edge. Apparently, Firefox is immune from such issues.


The six download packs include:

1 - Installation Instructions

2 - The route and its many custom dependencies(*)

3 - The custom rolling stock packs: the whole fleet of the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific: locomotives, passenger and freight cars, MoW cars

4 - A series of prototypical consists

5 - 13 sessions for the route

6 - A full collection of historical documents about the Rollins Pass route


  • The route, rolling stock and sessions have been successfully tested in T:ANE, TRS19 and TRS22
  • All the dependencies are either included in the content packs or are available on the DLS
  • Please check you have no missing dependencies before you run the route and/or the sessions

La tratta Rollins Pass 1910 è finalmente tornata!


La magnifica rappresentazione di Jango di questa tratta leggendaria è stata ulteriormente migliorata da Chris Gerlach e altri con centinaia di nuovi oggetti personalizzati, frutto di un'accuratissima ricerca su innumerevoli fonti riguardanti la linea e l'ambiente circostante.


È stata riprodotta l' intera flotta della Denver, Northwestern & Pacific: dozzine di locomotive, dalle grandi 2-6-6-2 fino alle più piccole, oltre all'intera flotta di carrozze passeggeri e carri merci e a molti veicoli di servizio.


Mettete alla prova la vostra abilità di guida salendo sulle dure rampe che portano al Passo e tenendo sotto controllo il treno in discesa in 13 sessioni personalizzate realizzate da DennR.


Un certo numero di utenti ha avuto problemi scaricando i due pacchetti (#2 e #3) più grossi usando Chrome o Edge. Apparentemente, Firefox è immune da questi problemi.


Potete scaricare i file della tratta QUI


I sei pacchetti di download includono:

1 - Istruzioni per l'installazione
2 - La tratta e le sue numerose dipendenze personalizzate(*)
3 - I pacchetti di materiale rotabile personalizzato: l'intera flotta della Denver, Northwestern & Pacific: locomotive, carrozze passeggeri, carri merci e rotabili di servizio.
4 - Una serie di convogli preassemblati
5 - 13 sessioni per la tratta
6 - Una raccolta completa di documenti storici sulla linea del Rollins Pass.


  • La tratta, i rotabili e le sessioni sono stati testati con successo in T:ANE, TRS19 e TRS22.
  • Tutte le dipendenze sono incluse nei pacchetti di contenuti o sono disponibili sulla DLS.
  • Prima di fa girare la tratta e/o le sessioni, verificare che di non avere dipendenze mancanti.



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Hi Rico.

Thanks for all the infos you wrote on the N3V forum.

We'll seek if there is anything we can do in the setup of our site (even if I think that are host performance limitations we can't change) or if we have to look for alternative solutions.


Stay tuned

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Hello Everyone,


I am in Crewe in England, and I have seen the issues raised about difficulties with the Downloads so this morning I have downloaded the two largest files so I could try to ascertain what might be going wrong at either the Italian servers or over the international interconnections and here are the screen captures of first the download of the Route and dependencies and second the Rollingstock file. Both downloaded in less than 4 minutes each  so I can only assume that the issue was one of bandwidth due to the number of downloads being attempted at the same time.






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3 minutes ago, ALM said:

It's a location full of steam memories for English railfans!

Alas they are now only memories; it was only a couple of years ago we were asked to identify the remains of an engine found as the last 19th century factory buildings were being demolished. It was found to be a 1890's locomotive that had been damaged beyond repair by the Luftwaffe in 1942 near Nottingham. It was returned to where it was built to be used for spares and the workers had used most of it but left the cracked boiler in a dark corner for 70 years. That really was the end of the era of steam in Crewe.


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Have you tried using a download manager? Most of them  have the option for resuming  broken or interrupted downloads.

There are some as browser extension for Chrome or Firefox

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I use the built-in MS Edge browser with no download manager, you are correct other people on the N3V forum seem to be finding Firefox works with a download manager that allows them to resume downloads that fail. I deliberately kept all the download files smaller than the largest files on the N3V Store in the hope that downloads work, but the infinite number of different internet connections and browsers still presents problems.

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I need a little help with one kuid, that showed up faulty, after installing the route and the 5 content archives.

The kuid > <kuid2:450495:100754:1>  showing unknown. 
If someone could ID the luid, and tell me which archive it is in, I can reinstall it. 


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We are working on an alternate soiution to the download issues.


In the meantime, if you have any issues downloading the larger files, please also report what browser you are using: Firefox appears to be working fine

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Good to see Downloads are working now for a majority esp for those using Firefox. Its feature of retaining broken downloads and allowing a restart from point of stopping is a very nice one. 


Keep us posted on any issues with assets or sessions.



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52 minutes ago, ETrain777 said:

I'm having problems with the larger downloads, please fix this.

Please help us: -


4 hours ago, UP844 said:

We are working on an alternate soiution to the download issues.


In the meantime, if you have any issues downloading the larger files, please also report what browser you are using: Firefox appears to be working fine


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First off try using Firefox to download with. Second delays may be caused by so many people downloading the files at the same time. The kind Admins here at TrainzItalia are setting up an alternative download on Mediafire and they will notify us all when that is ready.  

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I have both the route and the rolling stock installed, now.

Cancio gave me a mediafire link yesterday for the route zip, worked well, d-loaded in about 2 minutes

I made a new attempt today, downloading the Rolling Stock .zip, using Firefox.

This time the download used 100% of my ISP speed limit, and I had the file in about 2 minutes. 


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Hello 🙂

Now all the documents (folder #6) are in a single compressed package, to make it easier to download all of them.


In the "International Corner" you'll find the news about the alternate source for the Rollins Pass install folders.


Take a look here if you're still in trouble trying to download the stuff directly from our download pages (slow downloads, unable to complete the download of each pack and so on..).

All the install folder (in .zip format) are stored in a Mediafire space.

Hope it will be helpful to make easier the download of Rollins Pass 1910 🙂

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