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Trainz 22 Routes

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Are the routes available for purchase on the Auran Store like mid western route as well as Rollins Pass for trainz plus and trs22, are they COMPATIBLE with Trs19??   it just says compatible for trans plus and 22. I just don’t want to purchase them and then they don’t work!   quite a bit of money here.   Because I necessarily don’t want to buy TRS 22, especially with the reviews that I have read…… any help would greatly be appreciated.      Thank you.

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I think that there is not backward compatibility.

Not only "not compatible," even "not downloadable" .

If I make a search on Download Station's search engine (web) keeping active only the flag TRS 2022, every result shows the alert "TRS 22 Serial Number required" under the thumbnail image.

I have only T:ANE and TRS2019 serial numbers registered in my account.






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