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DRG Br 03 154 Locomotiva semicarenata


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Nell'ambito degli esperimenti per verificare l'efficacia delle carenature sulle locomotive a vapore per treni veloci, durante gli anno '30 le DRG hanno sviluppato questa Br 03 con carenature parziali. Si tratta di una singola unità che è servita per poi sviluppare le carenature utilizzate poi sulle Br 01.10, 03.10, 05 e 06.

Il modello è di Stoney.


Ciao ALM



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I just saw a screenshot of the front of this engine on Trainz DE and I say that one looks very nice and unique, especially with the American style streamlining.  I think the BR01 is basically a German version of the PRR K4 in some way, especially when both had streamlined and semi-streamlined variants.  Very nice model! 

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27 minuti fa, Trainmaster189 ha scritto:

I think the BR01 is basically a German version of the PRR K4 in some way


They are basically designed for the same duty, i.e. hauling fast passenger trains, but the PRR K4 was much more massive and powerful than the BR 01 (this is mostly due to US passenger cars also being much more massive than European ones, weighing 60+ tons vs 30-35 tons).


Actually, with its 30 t axle load it would not be allowed to run on European main lines now in 2023 :mrgreen:.



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