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Traffic in Trainz 2010/2012 car Pak 50s from this site, can anny one help me

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That's quite simple.

  1. Make your own region (clone one of the existing ones) and rename it as you please (e.g. "Italy 1950s")
  2. Find the "carX" tags
  3. Replace the KUIDs you find there with the KUIDs of some of the vehicles that have "Traffico" in their name
  4. Create a session and select "Italy 1950s" in the "Region" box.

If the number of "carX" tags is smaller than the number of vehicles you wish to use, add other "carX" tags (e.g. if the highest numbered "carX" tag is "car11", add "car12", "car13", etc...).


P.S. These cars make use of some of the modelling techniques available since T:ANE, such as PBR textures. They are not properly rendered in TS12 (they look quite weird) and have never been tested in TS2010.





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Thank you Up844 for your help with the Traffic Cars . I have testet this in Ts2010. It works fine. When you Zoom very near, you see little Render Problems with the  Window frames of the Cars  but it dosent matter. When you drive the Lokomotive, or in Outside mode you dont see this. Thank you for all content with i download from your side.

Best wishes from Micha in Germany (Bad Salzuflen)

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