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Sherman Hill question

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I'm running one of the sessions for SH, and it will pop up these images with the directions from time to time.  In TRS19, normally you would press F1 to see these again, but this doesn't seem to work for these images/directions.  How do I get them to popup again?  Some of these may say "proceed to the balloon loop and ...."


Thank you

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You cannot recall the messages as they are displayed using a "Time-limited Display" rule: they are displayed once and then cannot be recalled.


The sessions were all made for TS12, but this does not matter: the use of the F1 key to recall previous messages could have been implemented even in this earlier version but this would have implied a much more complex session structure. We decided to keep it as simple as possible, as hunting bugs in the session programming is a real pain.


2 ore fa, kd8tzc ha scritto:

Some of these may say "proceed to the balloon loop and ...."


Are those messages truncated? This might be a screen resolution issue: we had some trouble with other HTML windows that worked perfectly with lower screen resolution but are not displayed properly with the higher resolutions currently in use.


What session are you running? As far as I remember, there are two sessions involving a ballon track, a very simple session in Cheyenne and a longer one running from Cheyenne to the Granite quarry.


Apart from the message trouble above, how do the Sherman 2.1a and its sessions run in TRS19?



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Hi All,


 I can confirm that I have all of the sessions running in TRS19 and 22 with all the messages displaying correctly at a resolution of 1080p, 1920 - 1080. The Heavy Metal Session I have is modified by Ettore so I cannot  confirm if the HTML messages in the original display correctly. From memory the update by Ettore was done in TRS19 so could have some hidden fixes that I am not aware of.


Merry Christmas



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Not a problem seeing the full message, just wanted to pull it back up and could not find a way.  I guess I will have to take a screen shot each time.


The sessions works great in TRS22.  Only issues is the downloads don't have all the dependencies and I have to use the clunky and S-L-O-W content manager.  Currently downloading 314 items at 10kb/sec for just one more session.  I love your site as you have a nice fast download and was hoping all the dependencies would be contained, but that was not the case.  I'm too cheap to give extra money just to have regular download speeds.  I have been downloading the missing parts for about 4 hours and only on item 10.  This is for Ballast Turn.  I will have to do all the rest as well, so it may take the better part of a few weeks to get them all.

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According to my TS12 install, the Sherman Hill 2.1a route has 1,227 dependencies, divided into:

  • 479 assets built-in (in TS12: a number of these won't be built-in in later Trainz versions)
  • 263 assets on the DLS
  • 485 non-built-in, non-DLS assets (basically, assets made by TrainZItalia members)

Unfortunately, we cannot host here all the required assets, as it would imply contacting a huge number of creators (including N3V and Jointed Rail), some of which have also disappeared from the Trainz scene years ago.


By, the way, I agree that N3V's download speed takes us back to the era of 56k modems, while content size is growing (some recent assets are so large they fill the 100 MB daily limit). This is the reason I purchased a "for life" FCT back when it was available, but the option is no longer available.


In the sessions, we also strived to use only built-in (in TS12) and DLS assets: unfortunately US freight trains are so huge that one of them requires as many cars as are needed in a typical European session.



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