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Norfolk Southern SD70 Pack


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  • 2 months later...

These engines are not yet fully ready for release and still require some work: thanks for reporting the issues you found, we'll correct them ASAP. 


P. S. You can write your posts in English. 

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Hi Trainmaster189


I take note of your advices, but I ask you to avoid publishing anything about my content on the DownloadStation or on the Auran Trainz Forum.

I don't agree with their copyright policy.

Please, don't send me messages on the Auran Forum. For a reason I cannot understand, I cannot log-in with my old "andrealuigi" account. The account I'm using now is "ettore48". Pleae cancel any message there and send me your suggestion here. 

Please note that, as explained by UP844, these materials are to be considered as Beta and need to be deeply rivisited before publishing.


Thanks ALM

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