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DR Br 44 1093 ed altre varianti


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Questa è la variante delle Deutsche Bundesbahnen nella versiobne Post 1968, data dell'introduzione della catalogazione UIC.. e qui si vedono gli spartivento tipo Witte.

Queste loco avevano una caldaia nuova (denominata Umbau DB). Ad alcune loco venne modificato il combustibile, da carbone ad olio pesante, ad altre applicato uno stoker, insomma un po' di tutto.

Il modello di base è di Stoney e si vede. Ne ha fatto un pack con almeno 30 varianti e non gli ha cambiato solo la targa con le scritte, ma ha modificato parecchi dettagli.. 

Un po' alla volta...



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  • ALM changed the title to DR Br 44 1093 ed altre varianti



C'è quasi tutto, basta trovarlo. Per fare un treno blindato non dovrebbe essere poi così complicato. Di sicuro io da qualche parte ho un cannone da 280mm montato su affusto ferroviario.

Vedo di trovarlo.


Ciao ALM

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I just played with all four BR 43/44 models and I noticed three problems. 


1. The smoke is in a weird shape when starting to move forward (I should've also see the smoke problem going backwards).  

2. The generic American cab interior is down low on the ground.

3. The enginesound is really not accurate to the BR44, but that can be easily replaced by anyone. 

2023-05-05 110215.jpg

2023-05-05 110418.jpg

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Hi Trainmaster


I finally found out a way to amend the problem of the smoke. I'll try to apply it to these locomotives too.

... as soon as I can and it will be a way to propose new Br 43/44 locs too.


Best ALM

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8 ore fa, p-dehnert ha scritto:

I have modified the BR 44 locs to have better smoke and sound. Probably more to do before being finished.


Dankesehr Peter.

Deine Hilfe ist immer willkommen.


Ciao ALM

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Also, I personally think it's nice to have more BR44 models in Trainz.  

  When I installed TS2010 Engineers Edition about 13 years ago, I had fun playing with Cebenpeter's old BR44 models (the earliest BR44 models) that were built into the game and they were also built into TS2009 & TRS2007 before.  Even though, I later found out these old models were originally released to the DLS before Auran/N3V allowed steam engines with steam enginespecs, so these models pretty much had a diesel/electric enginespec and the enginesounds made for it wouldn't play on a normal steam engine with steam specs. These engines look fine (depite the DB/Bundesbahn versions have the DR/DRG smokebox doors which doesn't bother me at all), but they have an extra driving wheel floating near the boiler when installed into TANE and/or later versions and that problem was pointed out in a Trainz DE forum a few years back.  While I hope Cebenpeter's BR44 models do get updated (and maybe corrected, but not here) one day, I think it's nice to have some very good alternatives for now and bigtrain1 was the first to make such new BR44 models (which I have so far) for anyone's collection.  I'm not hating on Cebenpeter's models, but I don't think they age badly compared to gjvh's NS ICE 3 model which also came out in the early DLS content era.         

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