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TZIT Drivers & Avatars

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I have found and spent hours sorting out drivers that have been built in and are now not built in of that do not download I decided I would only use TZIT drivers avatars in my sessions and to that end I used TRS22 to make this list and if anyone has there driver that I have missed or had an avatar made during the development of TANE please reply to this post so I can add you / them to the list.


TZIT Drivers TANE Avatars
Alberto <kuid2:74906:23900:2>    
Andrea <kuid2:74906:23901:1>    
Bob <kuid2:74906:23512:1> BobD <kuid:523:19723417>
Carlo <kuid2:74906:23500:1>    
Carlomaria <kuid2:74906:23904:1>    
Chicco <kuid2:74906:23507:1>    
Claudio <kuid2:74906:23905:1>    
Cristiano <kuid2:74906:23909:1>    
Dodo <kuid2:74906:23906:1>    
Empcris <kuid2:74906:23506:1>    
Engine <kuid2:74906:23508:1>    
Ettore <kuid2:74906:23903:1> Ettore <kuid:523:19723425>
Fabio <kuid2:74906:23504:1>    
Franco <kuid2:74906:23908:1>    
Gigimori <kuid:74906:23939>    
Jakalope <kuid2:74906:23513:2>    
Jango <kuid2:74906:23910:1>    
Jolly <kuid:74906:23296>    
Lucamen <kuid2:74906:23911:1>    
Lucio <kuid2:74906:23912:1>    
Luigi <kuid2:74906:23913:1>    
Marcello <kuid2:74906:23914:1>    
Marco <kuid2:74906:23917:1>    
Maurizio <kuid2:74906:23505:1>    
Moreno <kuid2:74906:23915:1>    
Muletto <kuid:74906:23499>    
Nicola <kuid2:74906:23907:1>    
Owen <kuid:74906:23297>    
Paolo <kuid2:74906:23502:1>    
Patricia <kuid2:74906:23511:1>    
Pierluigi <kuid2:74906:23510:1> Pier Luigi <kuid:523:19723455>
Piero <kuid2:74906:23509:1>    
Renzo <kuid2:74906:23916:1>    
Riccardo <kuid2:74906:23503:1>    
Roberto <kuid2:74906:23918:1>    
Rossano <kuid2:74906:23919:1>    
Rox <kuid2:74906:23920:1>    
Rudolf <kuid2:74906:23921:1>    
Salvatore <kuid2:74906:23922:1>    
Snoopy <kuid:74906:23132>    
Tino <kuid2:74906:23923:1>    
Toni <kuid2:74906:23501:1>    
Walter <kuid2:74906:23902:1>    
William <kuid2:74906:23924:1>    
Xsiv <kuid2:74906:23925:1>  





Thanks everyone,


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