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Ettore Please Read

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My good friend,

I have updated both the Tanker sessions we uploaded to the DLS for TRS2012. They both run well in TRS2019 SP4 and I would like to upload they to the DLS again.

I understand you hate N3V with vengeance, so do I but I still annoy them at every chance I get. I do hope you will grant me permission to upload your session with mine.  I have not changed the functionality in any way all I have done is add extended signal commands at several points where the new logic in TRS19 has changed from TRS12.

I will try to remember how to change the author back from me to you so it will have the same kuid. I have not used that trick you taught me since we worked on those sessions, but I am confident I can do that.


Very Best Regards,

Your Friend Bob

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Dear friend,
I'm glad to hear that you managed to fix the sessions.
Obviously you are better than me, or you are more headstrong than me.😊 😇

Of course, you have all the permissions in the universe.

Now I use Euro / American Truck Simulator and I have made a commitment to myself : Play a lot and create nothing. Also because I would no longer be able to do it.


I wish you much health, happiness and everything you desire.



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Thank You Dear Friend,


I hope those two sessions can live on in TRS19.

I also tried Euro Truck Sim but I could not get my head around the London to Rome trip only taking one hour. If you can cope with the supersonic freight transport good for you.


I have been giving our friends in the land of Oz some things to think about today both in the forum and by tickets because they seem to be making Mt Vesuvius out of a mole hill.



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Hi It is me again.


I have now got both sessions of Tankers over Tehachapi updated and working in TRS19 SP4 so If you would like to test either your own or both I can send you the cdp files.

It is worth doing because I have been stamping my feet very hard and giving N3V a headache. They assure me that Mojave route is in work to fix the tunnels and make the crossings work.  If they do that I guess the route might feature in the next version of trains.  Please let me know because so far the sessions have only been tested by me.

In your part 1 when you couple all the empty tankcars and set them out ready to run around them I have added an extended signal rule so you have two choices. either split the consist to clear the road or move the whole consist past the road as the signal is now permissive.


I did have to replace every Un-Portal because the rule has been updated and our old version was corrupted in TRS19.


Very Best Regards,


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