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Hello from Colorado! UP #4014 & a Bull Moose @ Pinecliffe

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Hello to my good friends here:

I hope you are all keeping well!


The first image is a bull moose in the South Boulder Creek not even 1000 feet from the RxR crossing at Pinecliffe; the moose was probably less than 600 feet from the Pinecliffe Post Office.

My niece took the photo on her phone when we were driving on Route 72 from Nederland to Wondevu; my niece’s nickname from when she was very little is “Moose”


The second photo I took @ 39th & Wynkoop in Denver. UP #4014 you know well; restored and back out on the rails and lookin pretty good. Very glad to hear bell & horn.


“rumbling like an earthquake, rousing all,
Law of thyself complete, thine own track firmly holding,
(No sweetness debonair of tearful harp or glib piano thine,)“ 
— To A Locomotive In Winter by Walt Whitman


Ciao, cheers and best regards,

ever your good friend in Lakewood





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