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Missing KUIDS E191 DB

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I moved your post in this sectione because you were asking for missing kuids in a topic talking about a dead italian actor.


Welcome, have fun and try to use more properly our forum, for example without adding posts randomly to existing topics.

Tnx a lot.




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In TRS19 Platinum is <kuid2:60850:99999:1> spark built-in

None of the others show up on DLS or in TRS19 including The recent TZIT USA Routes.

There is a website where you can search the web for Trainz assets but I don't have it installed any more but someone might know what it is.

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The spark as the word described is the spark or electric arc that is triggered between the pantograph's creep and the overhead line's contact wire. In trainz there are two or three types of kuids of this kind. If you don't find its original you just have to replace it with another one. In the platinum is exact the kuid you say is bloodnock, however, I don't have it as built-in, I have it as installed by DLS on 24-10-2020.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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