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Il club dedicato alla scoperta di TRS 2019.

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  2. Yes. The Big Ten hopper wind shield is perfectly placed, well considered static asset; I admire it every time through the Big Ten in WFD ML. Most of Highway 93 from Golden to Boulder is typically very windy; frequently there is enough dirt/dust in Summer, snow in Winter that either particulate, driven by high winds, reduces visibility to under a mile. The mountain winds really open up around Coal Creek and tear down hill towards the Big Ten "hill" and Highway 93.
  3. If they are static models they should have a limited number of poly. They should be positioned at a certain distance, as choreographic objects. It may be a convenience, as they are not on the Driver list and are not confusing. In reality, WfD already has some static models. In the Big Ten Curve, wagons positioned as anti-wind are static.
  4. Update to USA Locomotives and Rolling Stock: This was certainly news and new to me. Labeled "Yard Clutter," static locomotives exist and were made by btvfd! I have no idea when these were made but they are CM build 3.5. Amazing ingenuity proven yet again by Trainz content creators. These are locomotives models, specifically reskins of Dave Snow models, but they are not drivable so at least use less resources; as to how much less resources perhaps another person with such a Trainz skill set and or PC graphics/benchmarks knowledge could test and determine. I would do so but do not know how, but I am happy and willing to learn. At least at first consideration prior to testing them, these btvfd creations would seem to offer a potentially valuable and useful temporary solution for reducing locomotive asset system strain, overload, etc in route or session work, should authors chose to consider them; again, they should be evaluated/tested first but seem quite promising. All I could find using TS2 Mac CM on the DLS <kuid:359354:102815> Yard clutter EMD SD70ACe BNSF H3 <kuid:359354:102821> Yard clutter EMD SD70ACe DEMO UNIT CAB LIGHT <kuid:359354:102818> Yard clutter EMD SD70ACe DEMO UNIT NOSE LIGHT <kuid:359354:102802> Yard clutter EMD SD70ACe Union Pacific <kuid:359354:102797> Yard clutter ES44AC Tier 4 Locomotive BNSF <kuid:359354:102812> Yard clutter ES44AC Tier 4 Locomotive BNSF PATCH <kuid:359354:102798> Yard clutter ES44AC Tier 4 Locomotive UP yard clutter <kuid:359354:102805> Yard clutter GP38-2 BNSF <kuid:359354:102806> Yard clutter GP38-2 GATX <kuid:359354:102801> Yard clutter GP38-2 HLCX <kuid2:359354:102803:1> Yard clutter RP20BD Genset Locomotive UP <kuid:359354:102803> Yard clutter RP20BD Genset Locomotive UP <kuid:359354:102804> Yard clutter RP20SD Genset Locomotive UP All locomotives are CM build 3.5. There were also several yard clutter bogeys by Ben Dorsey (RIP) CM build 2.4. If these static assets ever came up before in communications with anyone and especially my friends here at TZIT then I am seriously losing my long term memory. I am still going to learn Blender and work on reduced poly count and hopefully, at some point (however long it may take to crest the Blender learning curve), attempt to create locomotive scenery that will reduce system resources even further than what btvfd has already created. Kudos to btvfd!
  5. Thank you for the elven protection GianFranco! (fireworks for magic spell) Like the elven cloaks given to the Fellowship by Galadriel and Celeborn, such magic will be used wisely and well. I am continuing to research and am leaning towards Blender; your recommendation is in synch with the (little) research done so far online. I have performed a few general google searches about 3D modeling; Blender looks like it is being used by a lot of content creators who post and mention using it in the auran forums. Thank you for the recommendation. Apologies to all about my rambling about programming; the more I look at 3D modeling software, user interfaces and functions, the more 3D modeling software all looks more like very complex, sophisticated and very specific applications rather than programming in a computer language.
  6. É esattamente la stessa risposta che ti diedi quando chiedevi come mai ricevevi pochi o nessun voto dagli utenti americani sul forum Auran: perché per la stragrande maggioranza degli appassionati, l'interesse si ferma al confine della loro nazione, siano essi polacchi, francesi, americani o indonesiani.
  7. Se non ti leggessi da anni mi incazzerei... So benissimo che non hai scritto con intento denigratorio nei confronti di noi poveri italiani che non riusciamo a capire la bellezza dei vastissimi e desolatissimi paesaggi desertici americani, ma uno che non ti legge da tempo potrebbe avere questa impressione. Giusto per "par condicio", questa immagine (sicuramente non la migliore), ha ottenuto zero voti da una platea prevalentemente americana.
  8. In the "Middle Earth" there are many practicable roads ... In addition to 3DMax v.2015 if you find it "used" or with a "student" license .... A great alternative is Blender, freeware, complete and always up to date. A bit tricky at the beginning. For simple items, you could track down the old GMax with the Trainz plugin. I send you an elven protection for research ....
  9. In earnest attempt at moderating or modulating my previous tone or attitude, I need to add that the others who have posted here before me are far more intelligent than I am; beyond their Trainz knowledge DennR, ettore48 (Das Karognenführer), UP844 and jango all have keen minds, remarkable life experience(s) and decades/lifetimes of productive creative capacity and output. Having corresponded with all 4 for a few years, I know this to be the truth (e.g. truthfully, besides ordering a beer in German, I cannot even manage a little meaningful text or words in another language). Having done as much research as I could in the 2 hours since last posting I see that there are several options besides the costly 3ds Max. That is very good to know, as I recognize that learning 3D software will require learning about whatever rendering program makes the most sense (for cost, learning curve, etc), in addition to a 10+ year overdue review and relearning of Photoshop (which at one time, along with PageMaker 5.0 I knew fairly well for an amateur; one of the benefits of being a long time Mac user is the knowledge, albeit now quite outdated, from the "desktop publishing" era). Between the ages of 9 and 15, in school I learned Integer BASIC (no FPU; like Trainz CM for a while now: no decimals!), Applesoft BASIC, MS BASIC, and TRS-BASIC, and taught myself Atari BASIC, PILOT/LOGO and started trying to learn 6502 assembly (I made it as far as being decent at hex conversion and could work out some simple computational 6502 ml programs but never was able to generate any meaningful/useful graphics or sound code). I also managed to learn a little C/C++ in my 20s; harder than BASIC or PILOT/LOGO but far easier than working with the "brutal logic" of 6502 ml/assembly (6502 programming eluded me: almost no syntax feedback from Atari assembler/editors made it very hard to learn). I hope that some of this computer programming background may help. Regardless, I will have much to learn hoping to try and make some useable static locomotive assets for Trainz.
  10. Important topic here: static locos that look good but have low poly count for scenery use in sessions or routes. Although I have never tried 3D modeling I recognize that static locomotives that look good but are not resource hogs have been needed for some time in Trainz (since long before I started Trainzing). I think I can remember some static locomotive scenery in Ionut Chircu's routes (please do not throw sharp objects at me; I know about some of the issues, both with regard to technical use and copyright ownership, in his work) but they also may have been "static" due to MKs or really unknown kuids due to the many unofficial Trainz assets he uses/used (do not wish to waste more time/space here but if you are curious just let me know). I would like to try my hand at some 3D modeling work with this narrow focus: somehow making Trainz locomotive scenery assets that look good and have a low polygon count. This also seems like a good place to start without too high of a bar to set for myself as a 3D model maker (vs. more elaborate creations with higher detail, ploys, etc). Trying to do some Trainz asset creation and 3D modeling was on my mind before acquiring a new PC and TRS19. 3ds Max is expensive; I will need to research how to use 3ds Max and all the relevant/essential steps of Trainz asset creation in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. Although CAD software is different from desktop publishing software in several ways, I was able to teach myself a good deal of PageMaker 5.0 (a very sophisticated and complex piece of software) back in the 90's, so I think I will be up to the task of wrapping my head around 3D modeling software. Please know the following link is intended with great humor, with intended being the key word. I will take the Ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way.... No Frodo savior aspect intended; I am just recognizing this might be a significant undertaking for me. And being a bit goofy as always...that and I am a bona fide Tolkien freak who takes no end of delight sneaking Legendarium references into any and all communications nearly whenever/wherever I can. P.S. I like challenges like this.
  11. ciao, ho disinstallato e reinstallato trainz19, ma il problema segnalato ieri persiste inizia a scaricare il file SIMC:Sc 545 che è di 334.95 Mb poi finito mi dice completato, e installing dopo di che a distanza di 2 o 3 ore è sempre fermo li e se cerco di chiudere mi dice che se chiudo perdo i file, è mai possibile ? help pleease. ciao
  12. il negozio N3V e sicuramente Jointed Rail http://jointedrail.com/. ( In parte pay ed in parte free. ) Pi c'è: RRM : http://www.rrmods.us/ America Trainz : http://www.americantrainz.com/locos.html K&L : https://kltrainz.com/ SCT : https://socaltrains.weebly.com/ Fluttua tra i suo sito e JR
  13. È la beta di 2019. Una gran cagata, e la devi comprare sul negozio N3V. Se hai già 2019, fai finta che non esista.
  14. Gentilissimo pegaso, e già che ci siamo, perchè no ad una pizza, grazie e ciao
  15. Per il punto 1 probabilmente hai cliccato su "CITA", per questo viene ripetuto il messaggio , per il punto 2 , SI ci sono siti dove puoi acquistare rotabili, Auran in primis e per quanto riguarda rotabili USA non ricordo, Ettore Te lo segnalerà sicuramente. Se passo per Napoli te lo faccio sapere, mai dire no ad un caffè e una sfogliatella napoletana. (Qualche volta vado a trovare amici a NOLA dove ho vissuto alcuni anni).
  16. Grazie, Ho fatto il RDB avviando trainz mi esce di nuovo la schermata x il dowload ho di nuovo cliccato dowload all ora finito il dowload ha iniziato di nuovo installing.. ora aspetto un po e poi ti dico in attesa , sempre approfittando della tua disponibilita vorrei chiederti,: 1) quando voglio rispondere ad un messaggio tipo quello da te inviatami poco fa, quando clicco rispondi mi esce tutto quello a cui si riferiva il messaggio, quindi riscrive di nuovo tutto e normale o devo agire diversamente? 2) ( una premessa )Io ho a casa 2 PC e 3 monitor perchè avendo 2 figli ho anche 4 nipoti, allora quando erano piccoli era una battaglia per chi doveva giocare quindi ne acquistai un altro, ora nipoti grandi uso i 2 pc per giocare on line tra di noi perchè oltre ad essere un appassionato di Trainz ho anche passione per altri giochi di simulazione (tutti regolarmente acquistati ) come ad esempio TRS2, American TRS, (per la guida di camion) poi SHV, ( per i sommergibili), poi PR3d V.3 e V.4 ( per il volo simulato) ora quando vado diciamo sul sito di P3D, cerco trra i dowload se ci sono oggetti chge posso acquistare per giocare chesò ultimamenti ho acquistato un aereo A320 per la modica cifra di 67€ e cosi qualsiasi altra cosa, la domanda ora è in trainz ce un sito dove posso acquistare qualcosa che mi piace,( non certo tratte o sessioni) altrimernti lo sfizio di avere trains e non costruire le proprie tratte non servirebbe, ma se per esempio vorrei un bel locomotore oppure una bella stazione, oppure un convoglio completo, dei binari per esempio quelli che si vedono appena lanci trainz19 con quelle belle pietre tra le traversine ecc.. dove li posso acquistare? ok augurandoti un buon fine settimana resto in attesa di una tua risposta (quando hai tempo), e se passi per Napoli un caffè assieme mi farebbe piacere ciao Peppino PS sta ancora installing......
  17. Tranquillo Peppino, non dai fastidio, SI è normale, quello che ti stà capitando, qualche volta il cashè non viene svuotato e di conseguenza fà riscaricare. Prova a fare un RDB (rebuild database) lo trovi in CM (content menager) sezione developer. Facci sapere se ha funzionato.
  18. Ti mancano anche delle texture, infatti si vede la griglia. Circa la velocità del mosue esiste dalla TZ1, anche se non l'ho mai usta. Penso sia nel setting
  19. la tratta ha degli MD (dipendenze mancanti), il tratteggio segnala la mancanza di binari.
  20. Ciao ragazzi, ho appena passato il file CDP del 2009 al 2019 ecco come mi vede ila tratta devo forse rimettere i binari? e i treni di nuovo?
  21. Devi scaricare tutto quello che si presenta, qualora fossero oggetti simili , vanno scaricati pewrchè non installati correttamente. Per le curve mi pare che in dsl ci siano " guide curve" ma non sò se lavorano bene in 19.
  22. Ciao ragazzi (sperando che ho postato nel club adatto) un paio di domande 1 tutte le volte che lancio Trainz2019 mi esce questa schermata , già una volta ho cliccato dowload tutto, ma continua ad uscire devo ricliccare dowload tutto? e cosa sarebbe : esimc:sc545 ??? 2 Esiste qualcosa che mi opissa aiutare a fare le curve del binario? ricordo c'era qualcosa nella 2009 ma non ricordo cosa 3 e possibile rallentare il movimento del mouse quando clicco su una tratta mi schizza velocemente da un punto all'altro e mi fa impazzire per oggi basta domande vi ringrazio e spero di avere risposte di nuovo grazie PS complimenti del modo semplicissimo con cui si allegano le immagini , altri siti devi prima caricarle su un sito poi devi inserire il link ecc.. sapete comè.
  23. Riguardo allo scriver sul documento,è che io mi trovo male in quanto l'ho fatto alcune volte e non sempre è venuto bene...bisogna stare attenti agli spazi ,alle graffe,ecc
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