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Sherman Hill 3.1 and Rollins Pass 1910 in TRS19

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Hello TZIT! :ciao:


I just installed SH 3.1 and RP 1910 in TRS19 and the routes look incredible and the install process was a breeze! :su:


All the hard work and hours put in by all the dedicated folks here at TZIT is greatly appreciated! :computer:

Thank you very much: great work by all involved!  Cheers! :brindanodiavoletti:


Thank you to Jango and all content creation artists, beta testers and everyone who helped make and deliver Sherman Hill 3.1!

Having run SH 2.1 (and DP/DPW) for hundreds of hours in TS2 Mac, I am very glad to have SH 3.1 in TRS19.


Thank you to Jango and Chris Gerlach and all content creation artists, beta testers and everyone who helped make and deliver Rollins Pass 1910!

I love this route for its wonderful simulation of 1900 winter railroading in the Rocky Mountains.

I have enjoyed hiking and visiting the area near Coal Creek,  Nederland and Rollinsville for nearly 20 years now and it is very cool to be able to visit the area virtually in Trainz.


I will update and add more names as I find out who specifically should be thanked and given credit.  You know who you are, so thank you!


Glad to be back here with friends at TZIT and to be running a current version of Trainz again!

Screenshots to follow!


Ciao, Cheers and Best Regards


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Thanks Owen, also on behalf of all those who contributed to the creation of those routes.
The update includes groundtextures, herbs and vegetation, for the Sherman 3.2 and the summer version of Rollins 1910.
Wait patiently.

It would be advisable to publish your future screenshots on the Auran forum.


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I will post screenshots at the Auran forum.


I had no idea Sherman 3.2 and the summer version of Rollins 1910 were in the works.  Thank you for the good news.


As you can tell I am excited to be back with Trainz and TZIT but I will be patient: with much good stock content in the standard version of TRS19 and a good deal of favorite content to import into TRS19 from TS2 Mac, I am going to be busy for a long while. :computer:


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