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Welcome to the new TrainZItalia forum !

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Welcome to the new home of TrainZItalia!


We went back to where we started, to the “classical” www.trainzitalia.it domain and we did it with a brand new version of Invision Power Board.


You will notice some changes in comparison to what you are used to.


There are far fewer "traditional" forums and many examples of a new feature, clubs.


What are clubs? They are a characteristic of the new version of the forum engine, which allows creating actual theme-specific areas both "independent" and linked to the structure at the same time.


Within each club you will find categories of forums where you can interact as you have always done as well as - depending on the club settings - galleries for specific images and even a download area (the latter will clearly never replace the main download area: it is mostly intended for beta versions of works under development).

All the topics posted in the clubs will be seen by the internal search engine, so once you have lost the habits of the old forum structure, you will feel fine with this new layout.

You will find a club dedicated to screenshots: here, an image gallery will host your pictures (and you will also be able to create your own album!). A more practical way to put your virtual shots in a forum discussion (on the old trainzitalia.com website, the topic dedicated to screenshot reached something like 2,428 replies: looking for a screen in such a chaos is a daunting task. An organization by album is much more practical and immediate).


Clearly we cannot guarantee unlimited space (even if we try to be as generous as possible, consistent with platform management requirements), but even now we invite you to select and upload your best screenshots, without dwelling on insignificant details (e.g., the dozens of screens of station signs in the middle of nowhere seen in the old forum: without offense, these can be avoided or if you really want to post them, please notice that we will ask you to remove them when the available space will be exhausted).


While the work of recovering photographic material uploaded to the classical gallery will continue on the main module of the integrated gallery, a club dedicated to the real railways will host the topics related to the railway world (and we strongly invite you not to include such topics in other areas...). The club will include a gallery for those who wish to upload their own rail pictures, arranged like the screenshot area, with personal albums for each user. The images uploaded in the gallery will only have to comply with two rules: only photographs you have taken - no images found on the Internet or taken from books/magazines - and no pictures of rolling stock “adorned” with graffiti).


What about the forum hosted on trainzitalia.com?


At the launch of this new platform, no new registrations will be allowed on the old website and all the forum categories will be "locked" and set to read only mode.


A single section will remain open in write mode to provide support in the transition phase to any users experiencing trouble when registering at the new forum. Any other use of this section will result in the immediate elimination of messages, without notice or justification.


The downloads of the Free section that have not yet been transferred to the new platform, will be accessible for download from the old one without the need for registration.


The trainzitalia.com website will be permanently abandoned in August 2021. Until then, links will be present in the header of this platform, to allow retrieving the assets not yet moved.


Anybody who has development discussions in progress, is invited to resume the discussion in the most suitable club of the new platform: please do not copy every single post, especially for discussions that are going on from a long time; you should rather summarize the progress made as well as any useful information discovered (e.g. peculiar techniques adopted, solutions to problems that might have occurred in development).

The same criteria should also be used for the related screenshots: keep them at the minimum required to show the latest advancements or some peculiar techniques.


The download sections are basically unchanged and have retained the structure they have on .com.


We welcome you on the new platform and wish you lots of fun in the new "home" of TrainZItalia

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