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Registration Terms

Forum rules

1.    Italian is the official language of the forum, with English as secondary option. Replies to messages in other languages might require longer times.

2.    Treat other members with the respect they deserve. Treat others how you would like to be treated! Insults or personal attacks against other forum members, moderators or administrators will not be tolerated.

3.    Do not use excessive language: some of our members are younger than others. There is a filter to enforce this rule.

4.    Messages requesting or providing information regarding pirated copies, file manipulations and illegal activities are not allowed.

5.    Messages containing inappropriate material or discussions of a political or religious nature are not allowed.

6.    Every message considered spam will be removed. Spam is defined as a post not relevant to the forum theme (Simulation and railway photography, real railways).

7.    Before opening a new discussion: check that the topic has not already been discussed, choose the most appropriate area and do not use generic titles (example: Help!)

8.    Do not open multiple discussions on the same topic.

9.    Do not fully quote messages: mention only the part to which you reply and only if necessary; do not insert whole messages in capital letters: it is considered as screaming and is not necessary.

10.  The use of bold red text is forbidden. Only moderators and administrators can use it for official communications.

What happens if I break a rule?

This depends on the gravity of the infringement, at the unquestionable judgment of the Administrators. As a rule, the usual practice is as follows:

·         First infringement: a warning is issued: this is a mark on the user profile indicating that you have violated the regulation.

·         Second infringement: a second warning is issued

·         Third infringement: Temporary Ban. The duration will depend on the severity of the infringement.

·         Subsequent infringements: Permanent Ban, meaning you will not be able to visit the forum anymore.


If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact a site Administrator for clarification.

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