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Novità: DNWP Mallets

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DNWP Mallets

Pack of 14 Mallet locomotives (10 lettered for the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific RR, 4 lettered for the Denver & Salt Lake RR).


There DNWP had 10 Mallets ("Hogs") numbered in the 200 range, originally 0-6-6-0s but due to derailment on the curves a pilot truck was soon added, turning them into 2-6-6-0s....and sometimes a trailing truck as well (2-6-6-2). These pulled the freight over the Hill, a Hog could pull 8 loaded freight cars and 2 could pull 16.
There are some pictures of all of the 10 locomotives (2 in front, 3 in the middle and 5 on the rear) attempting to pull a train over the hill in winter.


Special thanks to bdaneal that allowed us to include some of his assets in the CDP file.


3D/Textures: BraselC5048
Extra dependencies: bdaneal


Betatesting: Chris Gerlach, Jango


Compatible with TRS19 (and possibly with T:ANE)



NOTE: The CDP is a fairly large file (187 MB) so it can take a while to download.


The CDP file includes:


<kuid:470845:100127>    DNWP mallet 200
<kuid:470845:100107>    DNWP mallet 200 tender
<kuid:470845:100128>    DNWP mallet 201
<kuid:470845:100108>    DNWP mallet 201 tender
<kuid:470845:100129>    DNWP mallet 202
<kuid:470845:100110>    DNWP mallet 202 tender
<kuid:470845:100130>    DNWP mallet 203
<kuid:470845:100101>    DNWP mallet 203 tender
<kuid:470845:100126>    DNWP mallet 204
<kuid:470845:100111>    DNWP mallet 204 tender
<kuid2:470845:4622:2>    DNWP mallet 205
<kuid2:470845:100112:1>    DNWP mallet 205 tender
<kuid:470845:100131>    DNWP mallet 206
<kuid:470845:100115>    DNWP mallet 206 tender
<kuid:470845:100132>    DNWP mallet 207
<kuid:470845:100116>    DNWP mallet 207 tender
<kuid:470845:100133>    DNWP mallet 208
<kuid:470845:100117>    DNWP mallet 208 tender
<kuid:470845:100134>    DNWP mallet 209
<kuid:470845:100120>    DNWP mallet 209 tender


<kuid:470845:100125>    D&SL mallet 211
<kuid:470845:100121>    D&SL mallet 211 tender
<kuid:470845:100136>    D&SL mallet 212
<kuid:470845:100122>    D&SL mallet 212 tender
<kuid:470845:100137>    D&SL mallet 213
<kuid:470845:100123>    D&SL mallet 213 tender
<kuid:470845:100138>    D&SL mallet 214
<kuid:470845:100124>    D&SL mallet 214 tender




<kuid:470845:4358>    Baldwin archbar tender trucks
<kuid:470845:4501>    DNWP mallet enginespec
<kuid:470845:4462>    DNWP mallet front drivers
<kuid:470845:4455>    DNWP mallet pilot truck
<kuid:470845:4454>    DNWP mallet rear drivers
<kuid:470845:4621>    DNWP Mallet Smoke Hood
<kuid2:470845:4621:1>    DNWP Mallet Smoke Hood B Angled
<kuid:470845:4443>    USRA cabin fixed


Extra dependencies, courtesy of bdaneal:


<kuid2:96914:55473:3>    Invisible cab
<kuid2:96914:980000:2>    Oil class lamp left
<kuid2:96914:980001:2>    Oil class lamp right
<kuid2:96914:990479:3>    USRA Cab shell
<kuid2:96914:980017:2>    Class flag green flying
<kuid2:96914:980018:2>    Class flag green furled
<kuid2:96914:980015:2>    Class flag white flying
<kuid2:96914:980016:2>    Class flag white furled



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Grazie Carlo.

Un gran bel regalo di Natale.


Download velocissimo, ma installazione........

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Minor correction - compatible specifically with, tested for, and enginespec modified for TANE, probably works perfectly in trs2012, actually doesn't work in trs2009, despite the trainz-build, and I'd be surprised if it worked in trs2019.

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