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Novità [GOLD] : Pack FS carrozze diagnostiche Gold TB3-3

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Pack FS carrozze diagnostiche Gold TB3-3

Pack di sei carrozze diagnostiche FS.


3D: alextm
Repaint: Tinotos
Betatesting: Cancio (TS12/T:ANE), Ettore48 (TRS2019)


Compatibili con TS2010, TS12, Trainz Mac 1 e 2, T:ANE, TS2019

- 2 livelli di LOD
- predisposte per l'uso con i cartelli di velocità programmabili (Vmax=160 km/h, rango B per le UIC-X, Vmax=250 km/h rango C per le UIC-Z)


Il CDP comprende:


keyword: "tzit-gold;servizio"


FS UIC-X Oscillografica,<kuid2:164663:11001:1>
FS UIC-X Misure Elettriche 2,<kuid2:164663:11002:1>
FS UIC-X Istruzione Freno,<kuid2:164663:11003:1>
FS UIC-X Sistemi Frenanti,<kuid2:164663:11004:1>
FS UIC-Z Misure Elettriche 1,<kuid2:164663:11005:1>
FS UIC-Z Misure Elettriche 2,<kuid2:164663:11006:1>


keyword: "tzit-free"


Pantografo FS 52,<kuid2:67873:57020:11>
Carrozza 4 assi/rulli/disco,<kuid:69593:102415>
Carrello FS MD fd TB3.3,<kuid2:70718:50102:2>
Carrello FS Y TB 3.3,<kuid2:70718:50202:1>


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I am a Gold member, please would you give free the gold downloads to me.


Thank you very much.


Kind regards



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Hi Markus, your user profile has been set as "Gold Member".

Have fun 🙂 


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