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  1. where can i find the FS412, I can make engine sounds for the loco, and I'm good at what i do

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    2. JACKLF Gaogaen

      JACKLF Gaogaen

      I will test the sounds on the e402 since they have the same engine sound.

    3. rysztur


      I also have E402 in the workshop 🙂

    4. JACKLF Gaogaen

      JACKLF Gaogaen

      sorry ment e405

  2. where can i get these, I can make the enginesound the exactly the same as the real ones
  3. i got you, if your uploading them here, I want credit. https://www.trainz.de/download/file/319-inrail-e190-311-7/ https://www.trainz.de/download/file/325-siemens-es64u4-pack-1/ https://www.trainz.de/download/file/311-öbb-taurus-1216-025-4-world-record/
  4. I really wish i could upload reskins, i have good ones for italy
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