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  1. the railroad I wish was in trainz


    the Baltimore & Annapolis


    the railroad I used to drive to look at the old power lines with my grandfather who also loves trains and my uncle who gave me his collection of model trains he got from my grandfather and train shows



    A&ER RR 2.jpg

    A&ER RR 10.jpg

    A&ER RR 3.jpg

    ASL 9.jpg

    ASL 4.jpg

    A&ER RR 5.jpg

    ASL 3.jpg

    ASL 2.jpg

    ASL 1.jpg

  2. updated photo today

  3. Hi Jango i was wondering about Donner Pass the whole route being emailed or sent to me (with routes, sessions, building,s splines & rolling stock etc) since it is only payware and i have to be a gold member


    you can reach me at matthewrayogburn@gmail.com


    PS i'm not a content creator or member or trainzitalina but just a railfan and i'm enjoying the freeware stuff on trainzitaliana


    thanks - Matthew😀

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    2. mogburn95


      Hi Jango,


      Yes, I'm interested! Please send me the PayPal link. 


      thanks - Matthew

    3. jango


      Hi Matthew,

      You have an email ..

    4. mogburn95


      Yes, it's matthewrayogburn@gmail.com.

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