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Links to TrainzItalia.com

Links to the forum hosted on the domain www.trainzitalia.com.

We provide the link to the old community site to help you to find cdps or infos that we still have to port here in our new website.

The forum is read only and the domain will be definitely dismissed on July 2021.


  1. TrainZItalia.com forum   (4,524 visits to this link)

    Our forum, closed on Febraury, 2019.

  2. TrainZItalia.com downloads   (944 visits to this link)

    The trainzitalia.com download sectione.

    CDP on that download section will be removed once uploaded here in the new site.

  3. "Classic" Photo Gallery   (264 visits to this link)

    Our photo gallery, active until 2018.

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